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Brotherly Love

Posted by Rotten Roxy's Dad on

Hi friends!  It's my favorite time of the week again!  It's story time!  Today I want to tell you about my 2 brothers, Lil' Guy and Rosco.  As you may remember Lil' Guy is a dinky little beagle.  I think he quit growing at 6 months.  And Rosco is a big boy, he's a sable shepherd.  He's the one that looks like a wolf.

These 2 are best buddies.  It wasn't always that way though.  At first Rosco didn't care for Lil' Guy.  But Lil' Guy persisted and followed him around until Rosco became his friend.  Now they are inseparable.

When Lil' Guy was first introduced to Rosco he went up to him with his little mouse tail wagging and Rosco gave him a snarl and a little growl and got up and walked away.  If you know anything about beagles, you know they are very determined.  Rosco's little snarl and growl didn't scare Lil' Guy.  He kept insisting that Rosco be his friend.  

Day after day he would follow him, try to give him kisses and clean his big ears.  It took many attempts but Lil' Guy finally won Rosco's friendship.  Now they are best buddies.  They sleep by each other, eat together and escape from the back yard together.  Yep!  One goes over the fence and the other goes under.  Then they are gone for hours, sometimes all day and usually come home filthy and full of ticks!  And every now and then come home with a smell that won't go away even after they have had 2 or 3 baths!  Peeeew they stink!  I can tell mom and dad enjoy cleaning the stink off of them, especially dad because he talks to Jesus a lot when he gives them a bath.  Maybe I should find the stinkiest thing I can and roll in it!


Those 2 boys are always up to no good when they escape.  They get new names from dad, Lil' Guy becomes El Chapo and Rosco becomes Cool Hand Luke.  Lil' Guy digs tunnels to escape and Rosco just hops the fence like it's not even there.

That fence has been an ongoing battle between dad and those 2 boys.  Dad spent his hard earned money to have the fence put up so his dogs would have a nice safe big back yard.  Fence gets installed, next day Rosco escaped.  He found a low spot and dug his way out.  So dad fills in low spot.  Next day, same thing, different place.  This happens several times so dad decides he will fix going under the fence.  He spent all day laying logs along the outside of the fence to prevent anymore escaping.  This seems to work for a day.  Next day dad comes home, both boys escaped.  They dug a tunnel under the fence so big dad said he could have crawled through it!  He said they must have spent all day on it and they had a lighting system, generators and a rail way.  I think he's exaggerating a bit.  It was a big hole, I'll give him that but c'mon dad, keep it real!


Now dad fills the big hole with rocks and spends more time trying to dog proof the fence.  He seems to have won for now.  Fast forward about a week and Rosco escaped again.  This time he figured out he could leap that fence with no problem.  And eventually Lil' Guy will find more weak spots and escape too.  The escaping becomes less and less down to about once a week or so.  Still, one over, one under.

The beagle is on the wrong side of the fence here!  He escaped!

Occasionally, one of the boys escapes without the other one.  Lil' Guy got out without Rosco once and he paced around the house whining like Lassie.  And dad would say, "What's the matter Lassie?  Did Timmy fall in the well again?"  But Rosco would not rest until his little bubby was home safe.  And same goes if Rosco gets out without Lil' Guy.  Lil' Guy runs back and forth to every window he can see out of looking for his big bubby!  Then finally he comes home and Lil' Guy jumps up on him and gives him kisses and follows him everywhere.

Rosco lays down and Lil' Guy starts the cleaning process.  He starts with his face and works his way back inspecting and cleaning his bubby.  He takes very good care of him.

But let's make it clear, that beagle is in charge of the shepherd.  He sometimes bullies him at the water bowl and cuts in front of him.  And Rosco takes it!  He would never hurt his little buddy.  And nobody else better either!  That's his beagle!  That's one reason mom and dad don't (or doesn't) worry as much when the 2 boys escape together.  They know Rosco will protect Lil' Guy.


Like I said, those 2 boys do everything together and it's funny to watch them because Rosco is so big and Lil' Guy is so little.  And that dinky little beagle bosses him around all the time.  And you know what else he does???  He steals Rosco's treats when he's not looking or he barks at him till he gives it up.  What a bratty beagle!  Rosco could swallow him like a tic tac but never does.  He's very gentle with his tiny little brother.  Those 2 boys love each other and are definitely best buddies.  One would be lost without the other.

And that's my story about my 2 bubbies.  Hope you enjoyed it!  See ya next week, same time and place!  Have a great week!

later skater,

Roxy Girl

P.S.  By the way, I never try to escape!  I have it made here, why would I want to leave?

P.P.S. Guess what?  I'm gonna' let you in on a little secret.  Next week my dad is going to share a story about all the rescue dogs he and mom have had over the years and that's not all!  Momma said we're going to start sharing stories of my friends that were rescued so.......... if you wanna be my friend and have dad write a story about how you were saved too just drop a comment below and my Momma will contact you for all the details.  Momma is so excited about this! She already has pictures and everything about my new friend Bindi that I just met. Trust me, you're gonna love Bindi and her story!  She was a rescue baby just like me and boy is she pretty!  

P.P.P.S  It's super easy to leave a comment.  Your email address won't be shared on here - just with my mom.  Dad loves seeing all your comments.  Momma and I are dad's biggest fans so help us cheer him on.  Another reason we love the comments here is because that's the only way my dad sees anything.  I'm not sure he even knows what social media is.  He's the one that still has an iPhone 3!  Yup!  That's right!  That thing barely works but dad says it's just fine.  Blah, Blah dad, get with the times! 

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  • Wonderful story!!! Very nicely written This is an awesome story that is very encouraging and shows that one should never give up. Thank you so much for posting it. Looking forward to many more. The Best is yet to come!
    Will. (Ol’ FishHawk)

    WIll ALexander on

  • What great adventures! Sounds like these brothers have a little mischief about them, but have each others’ backs. Looking forward to reading about your rescue animals, and keeping up to date with Roxy!

    Bridgette Hobson on

  • What a wonderful story. I wish I could get Yogi a little brother, but he is way too possessive of me! Keep up the great stories Warren, I love them!

    Monica on

  • They are all so beautiful! They definitely have some adventures… wonder what they ruff about together when they get out? 🤔 Looking forward to reading the rescue stories. These stories make my heart smile ❤ 👍

    Libby on

  • Love to read your stories. Can’t wait for next week. Keep them coming.

    LauraLee on

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