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Rotten Roxy is ready for Spring!

Posted by Rotten Roxy's Dad on

 Hi friends!  It's story time again!  I want to tell you about my favorite time of year, Spring!  I'm not much on cold weather.  I like it around 72-74 degrees.  That's perfect for me.   

Besides the warmer temperature, I like to see everything turn green again.  And see flowers bloom and watch butterflies!  I like butterflies and moths!  Those are my favorites!  I go outside in my back yard and lay in the grass and watch them fly around me, sometimes they even land on me!  One time a big pretty moth landed on my nose and I just let him crawl around on my face.  He was nice to me, so I was nice to him.  I'm nice to most bugs and critters, there are a few exceptions.   Ladybugs, not sure what it is about them, but I don't like them and I eat every one I find.  Same goes for any kind of bee or fly.  All of these things know how to push the "Piss off Roxy" button!  So they must pay!  Now, chipmunks, frogs and lizards, I like to play with them!  We play hide and go seek!  It's really fun!  They take off running and try to hide, then I sneak up on them like a ninja and pounce!  I have to be careful though, if I pounce on them too many times, they quit playing and take a nap.  


So after I wear out all the critters in the yard, then it's time for the best part of warm sunny days!  It's time for water party!  All mom or dad has to do is say those two words, and my ears perk up and I get big eyes!  Yes!  Water party!  Mom and dad get the hose out and I run and play in it and try to bite the water!  It's a blast!  And sometimes they let me have the hose and I drag it around and beat it up and bark at it!  Mom and dad know not to get the hose out if I'm around without having water party.  That's just not going to happen!  Oh no!  If I hear them turn on the hose, it's on like donkey kong!  And we WILL have water party or I'll bark my head off!  That's all there is to it.  It doesn't matter if you need the hose to water flowers or something.  Do that on your own time, right now, it's Roxy time and we are having a water party!  That's what I thought, now let the games begin!  We fill my little pool with the hose and I get in and beat it up!  I bark and pounce on it and try to stop the water from coming out, it's a fun game, especially when I splash water on mom and dad!  They really seem to dig it!  

Which is what I do next!  All that water that I've been getting everywhere has made the back yard muddy and now I have mud puddles to go dig in!  It's awesome!  I dig and splash and get mud all over me and everything around me!  You humans should try it!  Yeah, go outside next time it rains and dig in mud puddles and roll around in it!  It's a blast!  Then after I play in the mud, it's time for water party again because mom and dad try to rinse all the mud off of me!  They get me rinsed off and guess what I do?  That's right!  I go right back and slop around in the mud again!  Because if I keep getting muddy, we keep having water party!  I've got it all figured out, I just about have my humans trained! 


So after I wear mom and dad out, they get a big fluffy towel and dry me off and let me lay on the deck in the sun.  Now that's service!  A couple hours of this and I'm ready for my next adventure.  Time for a nice walk through the woods!  That's always an adventure for me, always new things for me to see!  Like this one time, I found a turkey feather.  I never saw one before, so I snuck up on it and sniffed it out.  Then with all my ninja skills I pounced on it and beat it up!  Then I picked it up and carried it around like a trophy!  I was proud of my catch and hunting skills!  But the glory doesn't last long, I spied a chipmunk nearby.  I must catch him!  Bye bye turkey feather!  I have a new prize to catch!  So I chased that furry little critter all over.  He goes underground somehow.  Ah HA!  I found the hole he went in, so now I must dig!  I dig and dig throwing dirt everywhere and sticking my big fat nose as far as I can in the chipmunk hole.  I snort and sniff, then dig some more.  Throw more dirt everywhere.  But I can't find him now, maybe he decided to take a nap.  Who knows, oh well off to something else.  

It's time to head home and have dinner.  Mom and dad get my vittles ready for me, and then dad goes out on the deck to make their dinner.  He likes to use the grill.  He doesn't let mom use "HIS" grill.  Dad says there are two things a woman can't do.  Cook on fire and use a remote control.  So the fire cooking master makes their dinner and I get to hang out with dad on the deck.  I have my own hammock to lay in and take it easy.  I like it to swing back and forth a little.  Not too much, nice and easy!  


It's a perfect way to end a nice Spring day!  Roxy Girl is ready for Spring!  Hope you have enjoyed my story this week.  See ya next Monday!

later skater,

Roxy Girl

P.S.  I would like to thank everyone for all the support and patronage of my boutique!  Please feel free to leave questions and comments and I will do my best to respond to everyone.  Like us and share us and all that other stuff!

Update 1/22/19:  Feel free to take a "PAWS" for the cause at Rotten Roxy's Boutique  Buttery Soft Leggings starting at only $10! This is now how we provide medical care for Roxy.  She got sick in April of 2018 and has inflammation on her brain and spine. 

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  • Warren, love your “pissed off Roxy” story. Keep up the good work.


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