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Rotten Roxy to the Rescue! Let's save them all! Together maybe we can!

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Hi friends!  Today I'm not Rotten Roxy, I'm Rescue Roxy!  Dad and I thought we should spend some time to bring a little more awareness to rescue dogs.  I was a rescue dog, remember?  You don't have to go to a puppy mill and spend a lot of money to get a great dog.  Dad says all of his and moms dogs have been rescue dogs in one form or another.  And that they have been great, special dogs, each with their own personality.  And none of them came with fancy papers.  It doesn't matter if you rescue a dog from a shelter or from a shopping cart at the grocery store like me.  There are a lot of great dogs out there that need a good home.

So we thought we would share a story and a picture or 2 of the dogs mom and dad have had through the years.  Dad says they were all special in their own ways.  Like me!

We'll start with Mickey, a/k/a Mickey Mouse.  She came from a friend of moms who's dog had a few puppies.  Mom got to watch Mickey be born!  I've never seen that before but I bet it was really neat!  Then mom watched her grow until she was about 6 weeks old and then brought her home.  Dad says Mickey was very smart and learned tricks fast.  Like roll over, sit, stay, fetch and speak.  He said she liked motor sports like him and would ride on his street bike and the sea doo!  No, she never fell.  She did jump off of the street bike once to go chase a squirrel.  He wasn't going fast so she didn't get hurt.  Mom and dad say Mickey was a very good smart dog.

Then when Mickey was a year or so old, dad brought home Bear, a/k/a Bear Dog.  He was a German Shepherd Husky mix.  Dad says he was a social butterfly and a true party animal!  Dad got Bear from a guy he worked with at the time.  He too had a dog with lots of puppies to find homes for.  He told dad he was going to shoot them all if someone didn't come and get them.  Dad went straight after work to get one.  After he picks out the puppy he wanted he says to the guy, "How could you shoot a puppy?".  The guy laughed and said "I wasn't really going to, I just say that so people will come get them and take them home." Dad got suckered.

So he takes Bear home and him and Mickey become best buddies.  They wen't everywhere together.  They went with mom and dad camping and in the canoe on float trips.  Bear was very friendly and thought everyone should like him.  He would go to certain neighbors houses to get treats.  He knew exactly which houses to go to.  He would go to their door and sit outside and woof until they opened the door and gave him a treat!  He made his rounds every day.  He didn't know a stranger.  He knew more of the neighbors than mom and dad did.

Besides the treat scam he had going on, he also liked to knock over beer cans and drink peoples beers.  At the time, mom and dad lived in a resort area and once a year all the cabins would be filled with college kids.  College kids drink beer, lots of it.  Bear would find his way down there and come home early in the morning smelling of beer.  Dad says sometimes he couldn't even walk straight.  But looking past Bear's drinking problem, he was a very gentle sweet dog.  Always happy!  He made a lot of people smile and laugh!

Then a few years later Mickey passed and Bear was left alone.  He wouldn't go on his usual morning run to scam treats.  He just sat on the couch and sulked.  He really missed his friend Mickey.  So to try and cheer him up, dad went to a shelter and got their next puppy, Princess, a/k/a Little Bit.  He brought her home for mom and Bear on Valentine's Day.  She was a little black fur ball!  She was an American Eskimo mix.  Very smart and a great companion dad said.  She was very in tune to mom and dad.  Just wanted to be by them whatever they were doing. 

She soon learned Bear's routine in the morning and would follow him around.  After her morning stroll she would then go home and follow mom or dad the rest of the day.  She loved to go with dad in his truck.  If his truck left she better be in it.  If dad didn't take her with him then when he got home Little Bit would ignore him.  She would turn her head and not even look at him!  She did that for an hour or so until she thought dad paid enough for not taking her.  So needless to say his truck didn't leave much without her in it!

Then, the sad day came and Bear passed.  Dad said he didn't want anymore dogs because he didn't want the heartache of losing them.  But a year passes and for mom and dads anniversary, mom went to a shelter and brought home Bailey, a/k/a Beetle.  Dad called her that from the cartoon Beetle Bailey.  She was an Australian Shepherd, Border Collie mix.  Lots of energy!  Dad called her "that thing" for the first month until he named her.  He said without fail, Bailey would bite his nose with those sharp needle puppy teeth every day for about her first month there.  He said his nose felt raw and was always scratched from her doing that.  Until one day dad couldn't take it anymore.  She jumped up and bit his nose on cue, then dad grabbed her and bit her nose back!  A little immature don't you think dad?  But he says she never did it again.  She too turned out to be a smart and sweet dog.

Shortly after getting Bailey dad got another dog.  Mom and dad were on their way to the pet store to get new supplies for Bailey and dad saw a guy selling puppies on the side of the road.  Dad pulls in and sees a German Shepherd in a wire cage on the blacktop parking lot in the sun.  This was in August.  It was hot!   No food, water or shade for this dog.  As soon as dad saw the dog he knew he had been abused to some degree.  He was about six months old and just sat in that cage panting, not happy to see anyone like most dogs.  He was scared.  Dad wanted to put that guy in that cage to see how he liked it.  Instead he handed the guy close to what he wanted for price and said this is what I'll give you and I'm taking the dog!

Through conversation with the guy, dad figured out he didn't get fed much and got kicked around when he did get fed.  That made dad furious!  He knew it was time to take the dog and leave.  Dad didn't care that they already had 2 dogs at home.  He was bringing home a 3rd.  His name is Rosco.  He is a Sable Shepherd, looks like a wolf to a lot of people.  He's a gentle giant mom says.  So they bring Rosco home and him and Bailey become friends.  Little Bit is a little older now and doesn't care for all that puppy play.  She now has 2 puppies to deal with!

So about a year goes by and guess what dad did?  He brought home another puppy from a shelter for mom on Valentine's Day again!  Mom wasn't happy with dad.  Not at all, not even one little bit.  She said she just got the last 2 raised and now has to start all over with another one!  His name was Rocky, a/k/a Rocky Coon.  

He was a Boxer Labrador mix.  He turned out to be a big strong boy!  Very, very gentle.  He ended up stealing Mom's heart.  He was a true Momma's Boy!  He was very playful and fun.  He had a very loud bark and mom and dad told him he can't bark like that inside the house so he had an inside voice too!  He barked very quiet inside.

So at this point mom and dad have 4 dogs.  Yes, 4!  Can you take a guess what happens next?  Yep!  Another dog joins the gang!  That's when mom saw that little beagle get hit by a mean car.  She takes him to the vet.  He needs a foster home until he heals.  Dad says if you bring him home and he spends the night he's gonna stay!  And now they had 5!  5 wagging tails and 20 dirty paws!

But sadly that didn't last very long.  Little Bit passed one year and then very unexpected, Rocky Coon passed at only 5 years old.  Rocky got sick and the vet couldn't fix him.  So now they have 3.  The 3 Amigos dad called them.  Rosco, Bailey and Lil' Guy.  Those 3 stuck together and Bailey was in charge.  She made the boys toe the line!

And then about a year or so goes by and that's when mom dissed dads lunch and brought me home!  I was little and played with them until that beagle beat me up one too many times.  Then I just keep to myself.  It can't be the 4 Amigos.

But once again, Father time took another dog from mom and dad and Bailey passed.  So now it's just me and the boys.  I do my thing and they do theirs.  Works for me and I'm sure they feel likewise.

So you see, mom and dad have had a lot of special dogs in their 30 years that have all been rescued one way or another.  Maybe you could surprise someone and bring them a dog from a shelter.  Dad always gets away with it!

But if you really can't get a dog or another dog then maybe you could help your local dog shelter with a donation.  Some shelters have thrift stores you can donate things to.  There are many ways you can help dogs without being a sucker like dad and bringing them all home.

See ya next week friends same time and same place!  I'll also see ya this Thursday too!  Yep!  That's right!  My dads writing a story about my new friend Bindi.  Keep your eyes peeled now on Mondays and Thursdays!  Have a great week!

later skater,

Roxy Girl


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  • Perhaps I should put a few cats among the dogs!😜That goes for rabbits and Guinea pigs t
    I’ve rescued quite a few in my time!

    ROsemary SNape on

  • This 1 got me right in the memory feels. I would like to Paws here, & thank you on behalf of the critters. You are helping to bring awareness about rescues. That’s fantastic!
    Keep them coming Warren. You have a knack for this. Eager to check in Thursday. ❤❤

    Libby on

  • That was awesome I so look forward to reading your stories every week much ❤️

    Crickett on

  • A house isn’t a home until you have a rescue <3

    Katheryne Mccauley on

  • Super storytelling as always, you should be writing books Warren!!

    Monica on

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