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Rotten Roxy's Lazy Adventure

Posted by Rotten Roxy's Dad on


Hi Guys!  It's Rotten Roxy again!  Guess what?!  I have my own room!  I have a big bed, lots of toys and blankets and even my own radio!  I have to have a radio playing when I sleep so I don't hear any other noises.  Otherwise, I wake up and then mom or dad has to go through the whole routine again to get me to go to sleep.  Mom and dad says I'm more like a toddler than a dog.  See every night when its bed time, mom or dad puts me to bed, tucks me in and sits by me until I fall asleep.  Yeah!  It's great!  And if I wake up in the middle of the night and there isn't someone here soon to put me back to bed, then I sit at the door and bark until one of them gets here.  I have my humans trained well.  

Rotten Roxy


Rotten Roxy My Room

Then, in the morning, when they tell me to wake up, I like to take my slow sweet time getting out of bed.  First I barely open my big brown eyes, then I stretch a little and have a nice big yawn.  Then, I stretch some more, and a few more yawns.  No, I'm not out of bed yet, just getting started.  Now I have to lick my paws and clean them good.  Whatever it takes to prolong getting out of bed.  A few more yawns and stretches then I slowly start to put my two front paws over the edge of the bed and slowly, and I mean slowly, slide down off the bed.  Anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour is usually how long I like to take.  What's the hurry?!  I don't have a job or anyplace to be!

Rotten Roxy Work it Girl

So, I'm up on all fours ready to go outside and see the world!  Time for a nice walk.  Mom and dad make me hustle when we go for walks.  What's the hurry?!  They tell me that exercise is good for me.  Whatever.  I like to go for walks, just at my own pace.  YOU hustle!        

If Roxy could talk..... 

click on my picture        

You Hustle Rotten Roxy


You Hustle Mom

So after some exercise and a little breakfast snack, I'm plum wore out again.  I better take a nap.  So I nap off and on most the day, just waiting for dinner time!  Mom and dad make me the best dinner ever!  I get carrots, broccoli and sometimes celery cut up and mixed in with my food!  Yum!  I love carrots!  Mom and dad cut them up into little carrot chips for me.  They make me eat healthy, but I don't mind, it's actually pretty good!  Sometimes I get carrots just for a snack.

Rotten Roxy Yum Carrots


Rotten Roxy Yum Dinner Time


Rotten Roxy Dinner Time

But the best part of the day is when mom and dad are done with their dinner.  Because then, it's a little couch time with dad!  He sits down and gets comfy, and I climb up and plop down in his lap and we watch Knight Rider re-runs!  It's the best!  Doesn't last near as long as I think it should though.  Dad always gets up because he says I put him to sleep.  He says he has things to do and can't lay around all night like I do.  I don't see why not, it works for me!  

Rotten Roxy and Dad


Rotten Roxy TV Time

Then it seems like the night is over and it's time to put me to bed again but that's not so bad, as  you may recall.  So that's just about a day in the life of Roxy, (that's me!).  

I have it pretty good here I think, my mom and dad are good humans.  Still don't quite understand the work thing, but they say they have to in order to buy me more food and toys!  

Rotten Roxy Play Play Play

Well friends it's time for me to go.  I'm getting sleepy.  See ya next week!

Time for a nap

                                                                                                              later skater,


P.S.  Please feel free to take a PAWS for the cause and stop by my boutique, my mom works very hard at it for me!

P.P.S  You can see more of my adventures on my YouTube channel.  Momma has gone crazy with the talking dog videos.  Can't say I didn't warn ya!  It's not enough that she dresses me up in goofy clothes all the time.  Nope, now she has to make me talk too.  Whew, it's hard being me some days.   

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Update 1/22/19:  Feel free to take a "PAWS" for the cause at Rotten Roxy's Boutique  Buttery Soft Leggings starting at only $10! This is now how we provide medical care for Roxy.  She got sick in April of 2018 and has inflammation on her brain and spine.







  • Love seeing all the comments! When I figure out how to respond to all of you I will :-)

    Rotten Roxy's Mom on

  • I so love these adventures with Roxy. Cant wait for more

    Teresa Ensor on

  • Roxy and Archie are of the same mind, only Archie couldn’t give a#+#^%who does for him?
    She’s one deva dog!????

    Rosemary Snape on

  • Adorable! I was looking forward to the next Roxygirl adventure ❤

    Misty on

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