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Roxy Girl, My Best Friend

Posted by Rotten Roxy's Dad on


Hi Roxy's friends!  Roxy Girl is taking a break from story telling this week so I thought I would tell my story about how special she is to me.

My wife and I have never had children.  Just dogs, so they have been our kids.  Some people may not understand this but we love our dogs like most people love their children.  They are our little family. One of my grandpa's told me a long time ago that if you have a dog it's part of your family and you should treat it that way.  He said otherwise you have no business having a dog.  That's the way it's always been with us.

We've had several dogs over our 30 plus years together and they have all been very special and our best friends.  Some we say were moms dogs and some were my dogs.  We both loved them all but they seem to pick their favorite person to be around on their own.  But no matter what human they pick as theirs they have all taken a piece of our hearts when they pass.

So through the years and the heartbreaks from losing dogs I decided I didn't want to get anymore.  I said after these dogs are gone I don't want anymore.  They've all taken a piece of my heart when passing and there's not much left to take.  So I kept saying no more dogs.  That's it after these are gone and I meant it or so I thought.

So fast forward to the day my wife brought Roxy to me.  If you remember from the Christmas Miracle Story she was supposed to bring me a roast beef sandwich back for lunch and instead came walking through the door with a puppy.  I was mad.  I said take that puppy back!  I didn't even want to look at this new puppy.  But I caved.  I looked at the new puppy.  Then I pet her...  

It was over, we now had a new addition to our family.  She was kinda supposed to be a replacement (if there is such a thing) for my wife's dog Rocky.  He was a Momma's boy. 

But as time went by and I was around Roxy more I started to become partial to her.  And like in the same story (Christmas Miracle) when she was riding in my truck on the way home one day, I happened to look over at her and we made eye contact.  It may sound silly and hard to explain but there was something "magical" that happened.  Almost like we both knew it was me and her for life now.  It was as if she was telling me with her eyes that she picked me to be her human.  I've had a lot of dogs that were my best friends but she was different.  That eye contact we made only lasted a few seconds but there was a lot said with her eyes.  What I saw was her saying you have to take care of me and I'm going to take care of you.  Forever.  

We were bonded for life in those few seconds.  I've never experienced anything like that with any other dog in my life.  She's very special to me in so many ways I couldn't even begin to explain.  There's a great sense of loyalty I have with her.  I feel like as long as she is here on earth I have to be there for her and I will.  When Heaven opens the gates for her she will take the last piece of my heart with her.

I just wanted to share my story about Roxy Girl and tell you how special she is to me.  And as Roxy would say...

later skater,

Roxy's Dad


Rocky Coon!  Momma's Boy!  Forever in my heart!



Roxy Girl!  Daddy's Girl!  Forever bonded to you!  Soon Momma will tell the world what the real miracle is about you sweet girl!

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  • Wow, as I was reading this I was taken back 15 years to when a little ball of fluff was put in my arms. Her name was Violet (my favourite colour is purple but that had nothing to do with the name) and I think that coincidence was just part of our bond. I have several health issues and Violet appointment herself as my support dog with no training, official certificates, just a heart full of gold. She was there when I cried, she knew when I needed her to let me grab her harness to get up, and so many more things. We lost her two years ago at the age of 13. By this time she was full of arthritis, was deaf and got lymphoma. I was the one taking care of her. But she lived an incredible life and left a huge hole in me heart. I want to learn more about Roxy because it sounds like she and Violet were from the same mold.

    Lydia on

  • It is so heart warming to hear about your bond with beautiful Roxy. It restores my faith in humanity, when I hear stories like this. I will be following Roxy closely!!

    Tasha Martin on

  • Lovely words.Lucky little lady to be so loved.

    ROsemary SNape on

  • I love this one. I love the most, besides being family, she is your friend. That makes my heart smile. I’m glad she didn’t listen, & take her back. I think she was meant to be yours!
    We treat ours the same way. I wish everyone treated their furry hearts as such. ❤❤❤
    Sorry she couldn’t share with us this week but loved reading your story. Am hooked!

    Liberty on

  • What a wonderful and touching story! I call myself “Mom” to my dog too. Yogi has been with me for almost 8 years now. I got him a month after my husband passed away. I walked into the pet store and all the puppies were running around. This little guy came over and attached himself to my ankle, followed me all around. The rest is history, he has been my life saver! Dogs are so special.

    Monica on

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