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Roxy Girl or Rotten Roxy? Here we go again! Who's the Boss?

Posted by Rotten Roxy's Dad on

Hi Guys!  Roxy Girl here again!  Dad and I like that name better than Rotten Roxy.  Mom says I'm so rotten I stink.  I have news for her! I can smell way better than she can and I don't stink!  Dad even said so!  He says I'm a good, sweet little dog, and mom should quit calling me that.  Besides, dad tells mom that her kids (that would be us dogs) act just like her and they learn all those bad things from watching her.  She always replies, "I don't lick the windows!"  Dad just smiles.  He says lots of things to her and seems to see humor where mom fails to.

Dad likes to kid mom and play jokes on her.  Mom says he has been doing that since they first met.  That was a long, long time ago.  I think right before dirt was invented.  And band camp.  Yeah!  That long ago!  Mom says dad likes to poke the bear a lot.  She says he keeps poking until the bear gets mad.  And then says, "Why are you so mad?"  Then dad says mom gives him stink eye.  Which I don't quite understand because her eyes don't stink.  But dad says stink eye is better than getting "THE LOOK".  He says mom means business then!  I hope I don't ever get the look.  I wonder what that is and tried to get dad to make mom do it but he says no way!  Don't ever do it!  I will take his word for it.  He sounded serious.

Dad says one of the reasons he knew mom was a keeper (What is she?  A fish?) was from a prank he pulled on her on one of their first dates.  They went to a fast food place to get yummy hamburgers and the place had pumps for the ketchup.  Well, when mom went to get some, dad hit the pump hard and squirted ketchup on mom!  Dad says it was her reaction that told him to hang on to her.  After getting splatted with ketchup, all mom did was say "It's on!"  and it has been ever since.  

Let me just tell you about a few of the many jokes and pranks they've done to each other over the years.  Let's see, they both use to get a big cup of cold water and throw it over the top of the shower on each other.  Brr!  And mom would spray yucky perfume over the shower when dad was in there.  And one time she kept pouring shampoo on dads head when he was trying to rinse and couldn't figure out why he couldn't get the shampoo out of his hair!  Those are good ones mom, but how about when you were getting ready for work and had on nice clothes and dad filled your hair dryer full of powder!  Now that's a good one dad!  Poof!  Ha Ha Ha!  Poof!  Powder everywhere!  And yes, dad is still alive after that one!  He lived to tell!  

So many funny stories about my mom and dad.  They've pulled a lot of pranks on each other but never really got mad.  They just get even!  And yes, they are still pulling pranks to this day!  That's one reason mom still lets dad hang around, he makes her laugh.  That's what I like to do, laugh and have fun!  I like to make everything a game, even when mom and dad doesn't want to play and have fun.  I make it a game, mom and dad eventually laugh at me, and then it's fun!  I have fun every day, you should try it!  You know I will have less days on earth than you will, but I bet I will have more fun.  You could to.  Just pretend you are me and you get a pass and have fun every day!  Even though I have tough jobs like protecting the couch from intruders and guarding my dads chocolate milk mix supply!  I just try to have fun doing it.  I can even make eating my dinner a game.  You should try this one too, see what I do is, when dad sits my dinner down and says, "here kid, eat your vittles."  I make it fun and games by just sitting in front of my bowl and staring at it.  Yup.  Just stare it.  Then dad says "Come on Roxy, eat your vittles, I'm not going to feed you like a child.  Eat."  Nope.  Not yet.  Remember that whole poking the bear thing?  Now it's my turn!  I look at dad, then my food, dad, my food.  He says, "Please eat Roxy."  Oh no, not yet.  Poke the bear a little more.  I wait until I see stink eye.  Dad says he can't give me the look, only women have that ability.  He says if men try to do it, it just looks like they have gas real bad.  So, after I see stink eye, then he caves!  Here comes the spoon!  Ha Ha!  Now dad is spoon feeding me like a child.  Although he said he wouldn't.  See, fun and games!  

So even though I have tough jobs and responsibilities I try to enjoy my life and have fun.  Another free tip from yours truly (a/k/a The Boss!).  Make life a game, what do you have to lose?  

later skater,

Roxy Girl

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Update 1/22/19:  This is now how we provide medical care for Roxy.  She got sick in April of 2018 and has inflammation on her brain and spine. 

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  • Thank you Laura Lee! That will mean the world to her dad. Can’t wait to share next weeks story. Her dad has been very busy writing and I love each story more.

    Rotten Roxy's Mom on

  • A big rourd of APPAWS dad this is the best story yet.


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