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The reasons I'm rotten according to mom.

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Hi friends!  Rotten Roxy girl here to share some of the reasons why mom says I'm rotten.

Apparently, sometimes I do things I'm not supposed to do, like chew on moms plants.  I thought it was a game.  See, I walk around looking for something to do.  I see moms plants, then the plant game comes to mind.  That's where I stick my fat nose in moms plants and root around.  I don't chew on anything yet.  Right now I'm just making sure I have moms attention and that she sees what I'm doing.  While I'm rooting the plants I'm watching out of the corner of my eye to make sure she sees me.  Then I wait for her to say those famous words, "ROXY NO!"  Then I bite one leaf off real fast and take off running!  Chase me mom!  Bet you can't catch me!  And the chase begins!  Then dad gets involved because they don't want me to eat the leaf.  So now both of them are chasing me!  What a fun game mom and dad play with me!  Fun and games for Roxy! But then it seems like it's over with as quick as it got started.  Dad catches me and gets the spitty leaf out of my mouth.  He says, "Yuck, Roxy!  That's gross!"  It's just a little dog spit dad.  Geez!

That game is over so I need something else to do.  I walk around and now I see mom ruining all of my dog art!  She's cleaning the windows so she says.  I say she's ruining one of a kind Roxy dog art!  Some of those took me days to perfect!  Those aren't just snotty nose prints and spitty tongue marks!  No, No, No!  Those are works of art!  So ruin my dog art will you?  I'll show you!  Now I will follow behind mom and start my dog art all over again!  I'm a true artist and she needs to learn to appreciate fine art!  Maybe get some beef flavored window cleaner too.

What can I do next?  Hmmm, moms office!  There's lots to do in there!  I love to go in there and snoop through everything.  First, I'll stick my big snout in some of these boxes and see what's in them.  I better pull some of this stuff out so I can take inventory for mom.  I like to help.  Dad says I'm a good little helper and always encourages me to help mom any chance I get.  So after I do inventory for moms boutique I customize her boxes by chewing the corners off.  No thanks needed mom.  I'm here to help!  So I snoop a little more and help rearrange things until I hear those famous magic words, "ROXY NO!"  Then she says, "I don't need your help in here."  So fine, if you don't appreciate my help I'll just go take a nap until dinner!

Then it's time for the next games to begin!  If I hear "ROXY NO" too many times in one day then I won't eat my dinner.  Nope.  I'll just sit and stare at you and my food.  You know what's coming next, don't you mom?  Yep!  Get the spoon out and feed me every last bite with it.  Tell me "ROXY NO" will you?!  It's not that I don't like my food or I'm not hungry.  It's just to teach mom not to get on to me for helping.  Besides, dad always says, "Go help your mom Roxy."  So now I won't eat unless you spoon feed me!  It is kinda' nice, makes me feel like royalty!  If only she would fan me while I eat.  Now that would be nice!

So mom fed me and I've had a walk or two or more like three by now and it's getting close to my bedtime.  I usually let dad pick me up and carry me to bed, but sometimes I'm just not ready for bed yet!  So you guessed it, the chase is on!  I run around in circles through the house until mom and dad start panting, then I let them put me to bed.  But the games aren't over yet!  One of them has to sit by me until I fall asleep.  Yes, that is nice!  Then I let them leave and think they won.  I wait for a few minutes and then bark me head off until they come back!  Works almost every time!  Almost.  Sometimes mom and dad say they're going to teach me who the boss is and they let me bark until I can't stand it anymore myself.  Plan B.  The next thing I do if I get no response is get out of bed and go chew on moms wooden curio cabinet!  They hear their little woodchuck then!  I'll have this thing turned into a pile of toothpicks by morning if they don't come back now!

Guess what?!  They came back!  That's all I wanted, was for them to come back and put me to bed and tuck me in.  Then just sit by me until I'm asleep!  You teach me, I teach you!  I can do this as many times as you want to!

And that folks, is just a few of the reasons why my mom says I'm rotten.  I tend to disagree.  You can decide for yourself.  

Thanks again for reading all my stories!  See ya next week!  Same Roxy time!  Same Roxy channel.

later skater,

Roxy Girl

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  • The more I read, the more I think Rotten Roxy! 😂😂😂 She has you both trained very well!! ❤❤

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