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Things I do with Dad! He's my best friend!

Posted by Rotten Roxy's Dad on

Hi friends!  It's story time with Roxy Girl!  I like telling stories.  It's fun to share all the things I do.  I have a busy life!

Today I'm going to tell you about all the things I do with my dad.  My dad is my best friend!  I follow him around all the time so I can help (hinder) him every chance I get.  Whatever dad is doing that's what I want to do too.  Except for when dad gets on a ladder or climbs on something.  That makes me very nervous.  I'm afraid he might fall so I sit and watch dad to make sure he is safe and doesn't fall.  But it makes me so nervous that I sit and shake like I'm locked in a freezer!  And as soon as dad gets down I quit shaking and I go give him kisses to let him know I'm glad he is safe!  I like it better when dad stays on the ground.  I don't worry as much about him then.


I do help dad with chores but I like doing fun stuff better!  Dad and I do lots of fun things together.  But some things he says not to tell mom about like my friend Rex.  He's a plastic dinosaur and his mouth moves!  I got great big eyes the first time I saw Rex.  His mouth opened!  That was a big deal to me!  Dad and I played with Rex a lot.  Dad would make Rex's mouth move and say "RAH RAH ROXY" and then I would tackle Rex and pin him down and chew on him.  It was a real fun game until one day dad made Rex try to steal my chew bone.  That's where I had to draw the line!  Now I beat him up and chew on him every time I see him.  After I beat up Rex for the chew bone incident mom told dad not to let me play with him anymore.  But when mom isn't paying attention we get Rex out!  Dad let's me do lots of stuff that mom doesn't.  Like, he let's me chew on mom's shoes.  Mom says "ROXY NO" but dad doesn't say anything.  He lets me play with all kinds of things that belong to mom.

Another thing dad and I do is have a treat hunting party.  It's lots of fun!  He takes a few handfuls of my treats and tosses them around the yard for me to hunt and find.  It's a yummy fun game!  But we aren't supposed to tell you know who about it.  You know who says I only need 1 or 2 treats at a time.  But it's way more fun to go hunt for 10 to 20!  I like to hunt for stuff and chase things.  I used to have hot wheel cars dad and I  would play with.  He would say "ZOOM ZOOM ROXY" and roll the cars across the floor and I would chase them until I crushed a couple by chewing on them.  Then mom took those away too.

Sometimes dad and I go for walks too except I don't have to hustle with him.  He said he won't drag me around like a pull toy missing a wheel like mom does.  She doesn't really do that, dad just likes to kid mom a lot.  Dad lets me take my time and investigate all the new things I find.  Sometimes he picks stuff up and shows it to me so I always learn about the outdoors.  One time dad found a turtle and let me see it.  Looks like a boring rock with legs.  I lost interest pretty quick.  Too slow for me to play with.  What's next dad?  How about we go chase something fast and furry!

Or, how about we go back home and do my most favorite thing to do with dad, sit on his lap and watch TV!  That's the best!  We watch animal shows and old TV re-runs that dad likes.  Anything except the news.  Dad use to watch the news and say bad words sometimes.  Okay, every time.  But mom told him he needs to quit watching that stuff so he did.  No more news!  YAY!  No more bad words watching TV.  Now I can just lay on dads lap in peace!  And if I can get him to sit with me long enough then we both saw logs.

But that usually gets interrupted way too soon for me.  Something will always wake dad from a nap.  And when he takes a cat nap and wakes up he thinks he's been asleep for hours.  He gets up thinking the world is on fire and he has to put it out!  No dad, it's only been 10 or 15 minutes and the world isn't on fire like you think.  Even though it may be short lived it's still the best!


Although dad is always busy he takes time throughout the day to spend with his Roxy Girl!  These are just a few things I like to do with my dad.  Hope you enjoyed reading as much as I did telling dad what to write.

later skater,

Roxy Girl

P.S.  A note from my Momma:  Those two are BFF's and have been since the day I brought her home.  If you like his stories please leave a comment and cheer him on!  It's super easy to do and your email address won't be published.  Thank you!  Rotten Roxy and I really appreciate it!  We are rooting for Daddy and we are his biggest fans!

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  • I would like to thank everyone for thier comments, very encouraging to say the least!

    Roxy's Dad on

  • Your stories are the best. I agree, you should be writing children books. Always makes you smile.

    Pam Breeden on

  • Totally love your down to earth stories. Keep ’em coming!

    Jill Debo on

  • The dinosaur cracked me up and such funny pictures. Also like the adventures in the woods. You know you’ve got the makings of a good set of children’s books here. Roxy is a great subject for kids.😊

    Rosemary Snape on

  • I really love your stories. You do a great job. I think you should write some childrens books about your and Roxie. Kids would love them. You have a really great talent at story telling especially from the Roxie point of view. Please keep writing. I look forward to the next Roxie adventure!!

    Vickie Simpson on

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