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It's Mom's turn! #Utah2020

Posted by Green Bean Queen on

Roxy is walking again and getting stronger everyday!  She's almost ready for some new adventures.  She has a lot of places to go and things to see!  Her mom has been wanting to go to Utah and go hiking and exploring in the mountains, and do some traveling.  Now that Roxy is almost ready to travel, we thought it would be a good time to show her how thankful we are for all the hard work and effort she put in to helping Roxy get better and walk again by getting an RV for us all to go exploring in and take her mom on her dream trip to Utah.

Her mom deserves a vacation and the opportunity to see the places she has been dreaming of.  She has always taken care of everyone around her, always putting someone else's needs or wants before hers.  She has either been taking care of dogs or people for most of her life now.  Growing up as a child she was her Mother's Mother.  That in itself is a whole other story (and far more interesting than my stories, I can assure you!)  Fast forward to the early 2,000's, her mom and stepdad were both diagnosed with cancer within a year of each other.  Her mom was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer and her stepdad was diagnosed with stage 3 bone cancer.  They lived about 6 hours away at the time.  She cashed in her 401k so she could move them in across the street from us to be able to take care of them every day.  She would get up early and go make them breakfast, hand out medicine, etc.  Then go to work where she usually worked 10 to 12 hours a day, and when she was done there she came home and went straight across the street to take care of her parents until late in the night.  She did everything in her power to make their lives as comfortable and happy as possible.  Taking them both to doctor visits several times a week, preparing all of their meals, medicine, laundry, grocery shopping, etc.  And in any free minute she had, would research and try to find a cure for them.  She never gave up trying, never gave up hope. If she could cure people with her heart, the whole world would be saved. 

A few years or so later and now she is taking care of my grandpa.  He was also diagnosed with colon cancer.  We moved him into our house and just like with her mom and stepdad, she did everything she could to make the rest of his life  comfortable and happy.  During this time is when we acquired our bratty beagle.  If you remember from previous blog, she saw him get hit by a car and stopped to help him, the rest is history.  He was crippled and needed several weeks of rehabilitation.  And while making several trips to the vet with the beagle, she ended up volunteering there at the animal hospital.  I'm not sure if she had a free minute she would take it.  Seriously.  When she didn't have someone or something to care for, she would work 60 to 70 hours a week at her job.

And then as you all know, about two years ago is when Roxy got sick.  Her mom has been consumed with that ever since.  That's just another reason why Roxy and I would really love to be able to take her on her dream trip.  It's time for something nice to happen to her, she deserves a break and to do things that SHE wants to do.  Her dreams have become mine, and nothing would make me happier than to see her live her dreams for once.  I have one big accomplishment in my life, and that is being part of helping Roxy walk again.  I will have two big accomplishments when I see Roxy's mom standing at the top of a mountain with her fist in the air!  She deserves this and somehow Roxy and I will make it happen.  If she can get Roxy walking again, I can do whatever it takes to make this dream come true for her.

She is a big inspiration to me and a lot of other people, more people than she realizes.  I try to be more like her everyday.  I'm a work in progress, but I have a very good role model.  She has always rooted for the underdog and said "hi!" to those that most people ignore.  I know this because I was one of them.  And thirty some odd years later, I think she still kinda likes me! 

                                                                                                   Roxy's Dad

  A note from Roxy's Mom

If those little legs could talk....  Oh the places we are going to go Roxy.

I feel a calling on my life to go to Utah and I've felt it for years, decades.  Had plans to take my baby to the mountains in June 2018.  She got sick in April 2018 and life changed as we knew it.  My biggest wish was for her to walk again.  Little did I know how long our journey would take or where it would take us.  There's not one thing about it though that I would change (except, of course, that you would have gotten better sooner).  I have loved every moment of it Roxy and I'm honored to be your human.  I learned so much from you sweet girl.  If only humans were half as determined as you.   I hope our story inspires you to never ever give up no matter what.  Roxy is living proof that miracles really do happen and prayers get answered.  It's amazing what love, faith and determination can do.

Now let's go to the mountains this year baby girl.  I cannot wait to hike with you and climb mountains together Roxy.  Please God, let it be this year.  #Utah2020






  • I found your story inspirational. Both Roxy & mom have both been through so much with such bravery & determination. Bless you🙏🏻You are amazing. I hope you all have a wonderful time in the mountains of Utah😘💕

    Julie Dutto on

  • What an AMAZING story! No one deserves this trip more than you all and our beloved Green Bean Queen! Maybe if we all pull together we can help make this happen!!

    Linda Shipe on

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