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Why I love Mom

Posted by Rotten Roxy's Dad on


Hi friends!  It's that time of the week for me to tell another story.  I think this week I'll tell you why I love my mom.

There are lots of reasons I love my mom.  I doubt I can but I'll try to tell you all of them.  First of all, she rescued me from that shopping cart and brought me home to meet my dad.  If she hadn't decided that bringing home another puppy was more important than my dad's lunch, I would not have met him.  So, thank you mom for that.  Dad, mom still owes you a roast beef sandwich.

Another reason I love mom is because when it's cold outside she keeps me bundled up and warm.  She puts lots of sweaters and coats on me.  Sometimes she goes overboard.  When I can't walk and I fall over legs up maybe we could lose one of the parkas or snowsuits.  Just sayin'!  But that's mom, always going the extra mile.  She just wants to make sure Roxy Girl is warm!  Thanks mom!

Speaking of dressing me, that's another reason I love mom.  She likes to dress me up and pretend she's the paparazzi and take pictures of me.  Even though she might make me look goofier than no other, she still plays with me and has fun.  I don't really care what she puts on me.  I can roll with just about anything as long as I can see and walk.  Just don't put a hat on me that covers up my eyes and make sure I don't trip on my clothes mom!  You never know what she's gonna dress me up in.  One day I'm in exercise gear sweatin' to the oldies and the next day I'm supposed to be a cowboy or something.  And I guess saddle up the mules and go to town?  Yeah, okay mom, sure thing!  I'm game, at least she loves me enough to take the time to play with me.  I'm not sure who amuses who the most, but it's FUN!



Another thing we do for fun is go for walks in the woods.  Sometimes though when we are on our walks she decides to play Drill Sargent and make me hustle!  I go along with it most times but other times I just don't want to!  She says the exercise is good for me and it's for my own good.  I know mom loves me and wouldn't do anything bad for me or to me so I hustle!  Which isn't so bad because once we get done she usually feeds me.  And she feeds me really good food that's good for me and I love her for that too!


I love my mom because she is very sweet and kind.  She always makes sure my every needs are taken care of.  She wakes me up in the morning with a smile saying, Good Morning Roxy Girl!  And I stretch and give her a big yawn so she can smell my awesome morning breath!  Dad says my morning breath smells like anti-freeze and has the texture of Elmer's glue.  Mom doesn't mind.  She gets a big whiff of it every morning!  Then a big fat sloppy kiss from me!  See, I love you mom!

Another reason I love my mom is because when I get scared like Scooby Doo I run to mom and she saves me from whatever scary thing might be after me.  She holds me tight until I quit shaking and I hang on tight until I know it's absolutely safe to get down.  I get scared kind of easy.  Like, sometimes outside the spooky wind blows hard.  It blows leaves and sticks all over and it just seems scary to me!  I don't like to go outside if it's very windy but mom goes with me and keeps me safe.  Mom is my safe place! 

I also love my mom for encouraging my dad to write my stories for me.  Without her cheering him on nobody would know who Roxy Girl is.  He's always wanted to write short stories but never thought he could.  He always thought he had to use his back to make a living but now mom and I have shown him he can use his brain instead.  Mom says he is old and can't work hard physically forever so I'm glad he is writing my stories now.  Mom and I don't have to worry about him pulling a hip out or something.  Now dad is actually enjoying life and what he does for once.  Too bad he wouldn't listen to mom a little sooner but at least he finally did.  And now my dad is going to be one of those people that show you that ANYBODY can live their dream if they put fear aside and work hard for it.

But most of all why I love my mom is because she loves my dad!  I can tell she makes him very happy.  And, if he's happy, I'm happy!

So thank you mom for loving us and caring for us the way you do!  This is Roxy Girl and  why I love my Mom!

later skater,

Roxy Girl


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  • Wonderful story Warren! You have such a fantastic talent for story telling. Don’t ever stop writing Roxxy’s story. I would love to see a story about your beagle. Maybe you’ve already done one but I just subscribed. Keep the heartwarming posts coming!

    Monica Hogan on

  • You did an amazing job warren I love the stories your write. Keep up the good work. Much love to you and tonya and little miss Roxy

    Crickett on

  • Great job Warren! You are an excellent writer! This one touches the heart! Aww so sweet! Love following Roxys stories

    Misty Howell on

  • You did it again Warren. Another great episode in the life. ?

    LauraLee Ford on

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