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Rotten Roxy's Adventure with the Forest Keeper

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Once upon a time there was a magical place called Pooch Paradise.  A place for all puppies and dogs to have a safe place to run and play.  It had big grass fields with lots of pretty flowers everywhere, and a nice big blue lake for all the puppies and dogs to swim in.  Every day was like spring time.  Not too hot, not too cold, a perfect pooch paradise.  

But way far away at the end of the big grass fields is a forest.  The forest always had dark clouds over it.  All the puppies and dogs knew not to go there.  It was very spooky and scary.  The trees looked like big mean monsters, and when the wind blew, their branches looked like long arms that would reach out and grab you.

One day a few of the dogs decided to venture that way.  Rosco, a big German Shepherd, Bailey, a Border Collie, and Shrimpo, a little Beagle.  They were headed that way, towards the spooky forest.  And Rocky, a big strong Boxer Labrador mix, he was very cowardly, saw them.  He ran with all his might to the other three.  He told them they can't go in there and begged them to come back where it was safe.  The other three laughed at him and said he shouldn't be such a coward.  Even though Rocky begged and pleaded with them, they wouldn't listen to him.  They said, "Come on you big chicken, go with us".  Rocky knew better, but they all made chicken noises at him.  He didn't want to be made fun of so he said he would go.  He knew he shouldn't but did anyway.  

So into the dark spooky forest they went.  Shrimpo, the little beagle, leading the way with his nose to the ground.  Rosco and Bailey were right behind him, and cowardly Rocky was last.  At first, the forest didn't seem so spooky.  But the farther they went the darker it got.  They started hearing scary noises, everything seemed to be a mean monster out to get them.  Vines were like snakes trying to twist around their legs and tails.  Tree branches, like long arms with big hands and long claws on them, trying to grab them.  Big scary owls with yellow glowing eyes screeching at them.  With all the spooky things in the forest trying to get them the dogs got lost.  Now Rocky's fears were coming true.  He told the other three they should have listened to him.  He said "See!  I told you we shouldn't have gone into the forest!  Now we'll never get back home where it's safe again!"  The other three dogs knew he was right.  They were getting scared too now so they decided to go back.  They told Shrimpo the beagle to put his nose to the ground and follow their scent back home.  But the forest didn't want them to find their way out.  So it started to rain.  The rain would cover their scent and Shrimpo wouldn't be able to find the way back.  The more he tried the more it rained.  It was useless.  They were lost.  So they decided to just run in the direction they thought home was.  But the forest had other plans for them.  Trees would fall over blocking their path one way, screeching owls would fly down and scare them another way.  The forest was leading them the way it wanted them to go.  And it did.  It lead them right to the terrible forest keepers house.  The forest keeper would catch puppies and dogs and put them in little dog jails and then sell all the puppies and dogs he caught to mean people.  

The four dogs came to the end of the forest and saw the mean forest keepers house.  They didn't know why but they knew they shouldn't go there.  They decided to turn back and try another way out.  And out of nowhere, the forest keeper was there with a big net to catch puppies and dogs with.  Swooosh!  They hear the net swing!  The dogs scatter.  Little Shrimpo was small and fast.  He got away.  Rosco was right behind him where he always was.  Rocky and Bailey were still trying to get away.  Rocky tripped over his big paws and the forest keeper caught him in the net.  Bailey could have gotten away but she had to save Rocky.  She ran back and bit the forest keeper.  When she did the forest keeper yelled out in pain and dropped Rocky from the net.  He turned and saw Bailey, she showed her teeth and growled.  She tried to get away but the forest keeper was too fast, he caught Bailey.  She told Rocky to run!  She said "Run Rocky and get help!"  Rocky caught up with Shrimpo and Rosco and they ran all night through the forest.  They ran until they couldn't run anymore.  They were exhausted.  So they all curled up together to sleep and wait for day break.  Then, hours later, the three of them felt something warm.  It's the sun!  The nice bright warm sun!  They made it to the edge of the forest!  Back home to pooch paradise.  They got up wagging their tails and barking with happiness!  They made it home!  But their happiness was short lived. They remembered that Bailey wasn't with them, the forest keeper caught her.  They had to save her.  So the three of them ran back home to find Roxy.  They knew she would know what to do.  

So the three of them walked back home with their heads down, tails between their legs.  Roxy was sitting on the porch and saw them coming back.  She could tell something was wrong.  She asked "What did you three do, and where's Bailey?"  They explained what happened.  Roxy was disappointed in them.  She told them that there's a reason mom and dad told them not to go into the forest.  And even though it may have sounded like fun at the time it was for their own good.  Then she explained what the mean forest keeper would do with Bailey.  They all put their heads down in shame.  They felt terrible and knew if they had just listened to mom and dad none of this would have happened.  

Little Shrimpo asked Roxy what they were going to do.  She told them to go get some breakfast and rest up for a bit.  Then meet here back on the porch for a plan to rescue Bailey.  So the three boys ate, took a nap, then met Roxy back on the porch.  She came out and barked orders at them.  Told each one what they would do to rescue Bailey.  Off they go, Roxy leading the way.  Back into the scary, spooky forest again.  Even though they were all scared their determination to save Bailey took over their fear.  So through the forest they go fighting the same things as before.  They come to the edge of the forest and they can see the mean forest keepers house.  "Time to put our plan in action" Roxy says.  "You all know what to do."  The three boys start digging a hole at the edge of the forest.  Roxy stands guard.  The boys dig and dig until Roxy says it's deep enough.  Then they cover the hole with sticks and leaves.  Next, they all sneak towards the mean forest keepers house.  Shrimpo puts his nose to the ground to find Bailey.  Rocky follows.  Roxy sends Rosco in with his ninja skills to find the forest keepers net and hide it from him.  Then Roxy and Rosco set out to find the mean forest keeper to keep him busy while Shrimpo and Rocky rescue Bailey.  They sneak in down to the basement  and find Bailey along with several other dogs.  Shrimpo runs along the bottom cages and pushes the latches open to free the dogs. He can't reach the latches on the top cages so he climbs on Rocky's back and he walks him along each cage to open them.  Then once they are all free Shrimpo sounds the alarm and howls as loud as he can.  This alerts the forest keeper and he comes running.  Rosco and Roxy are there to stop him.  Rosco uses his ninja skills again to sneak up behind him, Roxy stops in front of him.  The forest keeper says, "Come here you little trouble maker!"  Roxy stands there and says "Let's Rock!"  She charges him, jumps up and hits him in the chest knocking him over Rosco who was there hiding behind him.  He falls. Rosco and Roxy take off running towards the forest.  Shrimpo, Rocky, Bailey and all the other dogs are waiting for them.  The forest keeper chases them to the edge of the forest.  All the dogs take off running.  Rosco and Roxy stop just on the other side of the hole the boys had dug earlier.  The forest keeper thinks he has them.  He jumps for them and falls in the hole.  He can't get out.  Rosco and Roxy run and catch up with the other dogs.  They run all night until they make it back home to Pooch Paradise.

The next morning all the dogs are playing and having fun, safe and sound.  Roxy calls the three boys and Bailey to the porch.  "Have you all learned a lesson?"  she asks.  They put their heads down, and said "Yes, we have, and we won't do that again."  Roxy explained that rules are for their own good and safety.  

The four of them learned their lesson and never again ventured off into the forest.  They all ran and played at Pooch Paradise happily ever after.  The end.  

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  • Oh I just adore Little Shrimpo. Mama Roxy to the rescue. Great story. Can’t wait for more of Roxy’s adventures!

    Ann Sowers on

  • This is fantastic!! 💯 loved every minute of it! Didn’t stop until the end. Big congrats to Warren. So proud of him ❤❤

    Liberty on

  • This is the best one yet. Would make a great children’s book.

    LauraLee Ford on

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