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Meet my new friend Sophie!

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Hi!  I'm about 5 years old and my name is Sophie.  Sophia Natalia to be exact and here's my story.  My mom and dad started looking for a furry friend at several different rescue shelters.  It seemed that every little friend they would pick out, someone else picked first.  They did lots of searching and waiting but never gave up.  Lucky for me!

So finally, after weeks of looking for a new furry friend my mom and dad found me.  I was a little nervous at first.  I wanted to make a good impression you know, but I knew my new mom and dad would love me.  Who wouldn't?  I was spoiled before I ever got home, as I should be!

My mom and dad took me to the doggie doctor right away for a check up and they said I was good to go.  Then they took me to the doggie spa where I got pampered.  I got a bath, my teeth brushed, my nails clipped and a hair cut.

At my new home, I have a nice back yard to play in and several beds and stuffed toys.  Life is good!  My mom works from home so I'm not lonely all day and I can follow her around everywhere.  While mom walks on the treadmill I take a nap in one of my many beds.  And when mom is working I lay in her lap.  All this working and walking wears me out!

Listen, what's that noise?!  It's the garage door, dads home!  Now I have another lap to lay in.  The weekend is here and it's time for movies, music and warm fires!  Sometimes we go for rides in the car.  Dad goes into the store and I stay in the car to protect mom but I'm always on high alert for dad to come back.

I have a very good life here in Wisconsin.  It's a little cold for me since I'm originally from Texas but I have a nice warm coat to wear when I have to brave the outdoors.  My mom and dad take very good care of me.

I don't have too many rules here except "no shake" after a bath.  My biggest job is to keep mom and dads lap warm.  For that I get treats and lots of petting.  Fair trade.  I will forever be grateful and loyal to my mom and dad.

I'm sure glad they found me.  I have a wonderful home and two parents that love me very much.  For that, I will love them unconditionally forever. 

Thanks mom and dad!  I love you!

Your "FUREVER" Little Girl,



It's super easy to leave a comment for my mom and dad if you want to tell them how awesome they are for saving me!  The world needs more people like them! Your email address won't be shared on here - just with Rotten Roxy's Mom.  Rotten Roxy is my new friend and she was saved from a shopping cart!  You can read all it about here:  Rotten Roxy's Shopping Cart Adventure 

Thank you for letting us share your story!  Sophie is so blessed to have both of you!  

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