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Meet my new friend Bindi! She got a second chance at life!

Posted by Rotten Roxy's Dad on

Hi friends!  My name is Bindi.  I'm about 2 years old now and I have the best life ever!  I have a good home and a mom and dad that loves me!  It wasn't always that way though, but thanks to my mom and dad, it sure is now!

You see, my story starts where I was at Chicago Animal Care and Control.  (a/k/a Doggy Jail)  I was adopted out once and thought I had a new mom and dad.  They took me to their home but I was nervous and scared.  I was in jail one minute and then I was in someone's home the next.  I wasn't sure what to do.  I didn't know if I was going to get to stay or if I was just there for a visit.  I was trying to adjust and make my new owners proud but they just didn't understand me or have the patience to teach me.  It just wasn't meant to be.  They returned me to the Chicago Animal Care and Control because they said I was aggressive.  I was just scared and needed a little guidance from someone who would love me.

Knowing that if a dog is returned for being aggressive, I knew my days were numbered.  If someone didn't rescue me soon I was gong to be put to sleep.  My picture was put online with the rest of the doggy mugshots and all I could do is wait and hope somebody would give me a second chance and take me home forever this time.

And then believe it or not, it happened!  Two very nice people saw my mugshot online and drove to the Chicago Animal Care and Control to save me!  It was love at first sight for all of us!  Yay!  Yippy Skippy!  I had a new mom and dad!  They took me home that very day!

Although I knew instantly this was my new forever home I was still a bit nervous and scared.  Our first night at home didn't go perfect because I still had a lot to learn from them.  I was very eager to learn so I could make my new mom and dad proud!  I was not going back to doggie jail!  No way Jose'!

Even though I was returned once for being aggressive my new mom and dad says there was not one ounce of aggression.  I was never aggressive.  I had just never had a good home or a family to love me until now!  I just needed a little patience and understanding and someone to teach me.  


My new mom and dad worked with me every day and even took me to 2 rounds of training classes!  I graduated at the top of my class both times and I have the diploma's to prove it!

Thanks to my mom and dad I now have the best life ever!  They knew somebody had to love me!  Now everybody that meets me says I'm the most well behaved, sweetest dog and they fall in love with me too!

Thanks for the 2nd chance at life mom and dad!

Love Always & Forever,



It's super easy to leave a comment for my mom and dad if you want to tell them how awesome they are for saving me!  The world needs more people like them! Your email address won't be shared on here - just with Rotten Roxy's Mom.  Rotten Roxy is my new friend and she was saved too!

Thank you for letting us share your story Morgan and Jeremy!  Bindi is so blessed to have both of you!  Thank you Chicago Animal Care and Control.

Feel free to take a "PAWS" for the cause at Rotten Roxy's Boutique  Update 1/22/19:  This is now how we provide medical care for Roxy.  She got sick in April of 2018 and has inflammation on her brain and spine.

Rotten Roxy's Mom gets all of my clothes at:  Caring Hearts Thrift Store

Rotten Roxy's Favorite Place:  Caring Hearts Dog and Cat Rescue



  • Love the shirt, Adopt not shop”. Abbi & Hoosier would love to be your friend! Abbi is a fighter like Roxy.

    Pam on

  • I know this sweet dog bindi…you can say she my grand dog…she is pure sunshine…she has been shown so much love…that you can see her smile! Thank you Morgan and Jj for brining Bindi home!

    Denise on

  • Glad you gave Bindi a second chance and furever home as well as for letting Warren share your story. So full of love, pound puppies are the best.

    Pam Breeden on

  • Thank you for putting Bindi’s story together, it came out amazing! We love our little girl, and she is the best thing that has ever happened to us!

    Morgan on

  • Yay for Bindi!! Warren you understand these critters well, maybe you can ask my little Daisy where she put her favorite toy, & get back to me? 😁
    Each story just sucks me right in. This new rescue feature was an awesome idea!! 💯

    Libby on

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