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Rotten Roxy or Roxy Girl? You be the judge. (Christmas Miracle)

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Hi!  My name is Roxy.  My dad calls me Roxy Girl.  My mom calls me Rotten Roxy.  (not sure why) I'm a little boxer mix puppy that needed a home.  I was born around Thanksgiving.  It was getting closer to Christmas. I had no place to hang a little stocking for Santa.  I needed a home.  I wondered around and met a nice lady that would help me find one.  She took me to the grocery store and put me in a shopping cart and rang a little bell to help me find a good mom and dad.  And this is when a Christmas Miracle happened to me.

My mom and dad were working and dad got hungry.  So he sent mom to get him a nice big roast beef sandwich.  So she goes to the store and before she could get my dad his sandwich she saw me and was told I was somebody's Christmas Miracle.  Afraid someone else would take me, mom grabbed me and forgot all about dads nice big roast beef sandwich!  

So now I'm on my way to meet dad for the first time with mom.  At my surprise, dad wasn't happy to see a puppy instead of his roast beef sandwich.  He said to take me back and get his sandwich!  So, I had to think quick.  What was I gonna do?  So I did what I had to.  I batted my cute little puppy eyes and 2 years later I'm still here!  By the way, he never did get his sandwich.

So they brought me home where I met my 3 siblings, a/k/a The Three Amigos!  First, there's my big sister Bailey, a Border Collie, Australian Shepard mix.  Very Bossy!  But she seems to like me.  So far, so good. Next, there's my Big Bubby, Rosco, a Sable Shepard.  He looks like a wolf to me.  He's not mean, but doesn't seem to care for puppies too much.  OK, I'll work on him, but keep my distance for now.  And last but not least, is my Big, Little Bubby, a Tiny Little Beagle, Lil' Guy.  I'm not kidding, he's the smallest Beagle I've ever seen in my 4 weeks of life!  He's nice to me, plays with me sometimes, but I have to make sure and not step on his toes.  Temperamental with me.  He was the baby of the family before I came along.  He gets his little feelings hurt easy.

So, we've met my siblings and now I have a new house to explore!  So many things to see and chew on!  I run in  this room and chew on stuff, then run to another room and start chewing on something else while mom and or dad is cleaning up my first mess.  It's the funnest game ever!  They chase me all over!  Up and down the steps, in and out of every room yelling.  ROXY!  NO!  I thought my name was ROXY NO the first few months of my life!  I have lots of energy, so I can do this all day and night!  Roxy IIII IIII, Mom & Dad 0!  Then, just when they think I'm going to sleep, I shake my little boxer head and wake myself up so I can play, play, play some more!  It's great being a puppy.  You should try it.

Well, I finally exhausted myself to the point I fell over.  I've been covered up and tucked in bed so I can have sweet little boxer dreams!  Besides, I need my rest, I have to do this all over again tomorrow.  

Day 2.  I'm woken up at what I think is still the middle of the night.  Apparently mom and dad get up early.  It's still dark.  Why?  What could possibly be so important to wake me at this hour?  I was so close to catching that rabbit in my dreams!

So, OK, I'm trying to wake up.  Dad says something about it's time to go to work.  Work?  Not sure what that is but I'm sure dad will show me.  Mom bundle's me up like the little kid in Christmas Story from head to tail.  Nice and warm!  She hands me to dad, he kisses mom bye and then, out of nowhere, he opened the front door!  BRRRR!  OH MY GOD IT'S COLD!  I'm shivering already!  Dad says he didn't even get the door closed behind him before I started shivering!  Why would he do this?  Let's go back inside!  But no, we keep walking farther and farther away from the warm place we came from.  Each step he takes I get colder and colder.  

We finally make it to Dads' truck.  He sets me down inside.  It's warm in here!  He warmed the truck ahead of time!  But for some reason I'm still shivering.  I'm in 13 sweaters and blankets in a heated truck, but I'm still cold!  I don't understand why get up at dark, go out in the cold, on purpose, to some place called work?  Don't get it.

Anyway, I'm ready for adventures so lets just roll with it.  We arrive at this work place.  Which means I will have to get out of this warm truck and be carried 30 feet in the cold!  We get inside.  I'm still cold!  Not as warm here like it is at home.  Dad turns up the heat, bundles me up in more blankets and puts me on my very own couch!  I have a new fluffy bed and lots of toys!  This work place isn't so bad once dad gets it warmed up!

Just about time for a nap.  OH NO!  BIG EYES!  What's that noise?!  I jump off of my puppy throne, drag 13 blankets with me to see.  It's a power washer!  It sprays water!  I love to play in the water!  WAIT!  What's that noise?  An air compressor!  It's loud, shoots air out.  That's a fun game too.  For 2 minutes anyway.  Now it's on to the shop broom!  I chew on it and bark my head off when dad trys to sweep the floor.  That's a fun game for maybe 5 minutes.  What else to do?  How long is this work stuff anyway?

Snack time!  I get little carrot chips!  I like carrots!  And marshmallows but dad says not to tell mom about the marshmallows, something about he doesn't want to hear her squawk, whatever that means.  Snack time over, time to go recycle my snacks for dad and go play some more.

So I played, chewed on more stuff that didn't seem to make dad happy.  He seems to forget each thing I chew up as he's cleaning up my next mess.  See how that works? Speaking of work, dad says we're calling it a day.  Been here all day!  Time to go home!  Now we have to go through all the sweaters and blankets to bundle me up.  It's very cold outside.  OK, I'm ready to brave the 30 feet I have to be carried to dad's warm truck.  We made it!  But I'm still going to shiver all the way home just because.  As we drive home, and I say we because I helped.  (I always try to help dad with whatever he is doing.)  Dad says, "Left Turn Clyde."  He says it again a little farther.  Then again.  Not sure what that means yet, but I'm sure I'll remember every time he says it when I'm older.

As I ride with dad back and forth each day to that place called work, I figured out, every time we make a left turn, dad says that.  Now I perk my ears and watch dad to make sure he turns left.

One day on the way home, I was perched up on my dads shoulder riding along and something happened between me and dad that can't be explained.  We happened to make eye contact, and it was at that moment I knew my new dad would always have my back.  Nothing was said, we just both knew.  I knew then I would always have a good home.  And despite a few minor incidents, I'm still here.  Dad is loyal.  He says not many people know what that is anymore, and then he started in on how things aren't the way they used to be, blah, blah, blah.  Don't want to hear it.  I'm a puppy.  He talks to me a lot.  Not sure if he knows I don't speak English, but I listen anyway.  It's the polite thing to do.  Besides, he feeds me.

So that's how I met my mom and dad, and stole their hearts.  I have many more adventures to share.  See ya next week!

later skater,


Are you Team Rotten Roxy or Team Roxy Girl

P.S.  Please feel free to take a PAWS for the cause and stop by my boutique, my mom works very hard at it for me!  Update 1/22/19:  This is now how we provide medical care for Roxy.  She got sick in April of 2018 and has inflammation on her brain and spine.

P.P.S  You can see more of my adventures on my YouTube channel.  Momma has gone crazy with the talking dog videos.  Can't say I didn't warn ya!  It's not enough that she dresses me up in goofy clothes all the time.  Nope, now she has to make me talk too.  Whew, it's hard being me some days.   

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  • I say Roxy Girl ❤ How touching of a story love it!!!

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